Best Above Ground Pool Ladders Of 2021

Summer is just around the corner, and all of us are waiting for fun activities in the swimming pool with our family and friends.

To have complete enjoyment, you need to be sure you have one of the best above ground pool ladders in your swimming pool. There is no need to fret as we are here for you. We have brought you the list of best above ground pool ladders with buying tips, pros and cons, and much more in this article.

We have tried and tested these ladders to ensure we give you an unbiased review to help you purchase the best ladder for your swimming pool.

Without a proper swimming pool ladder, you will be hauling your kids and yourself over the swimming pool wall. That is a tiring task when you want to enjoy a relaxing time in the swimming pool. You may also find that the ladder floated away and is not sturdy, which can cause tension in the swimming pool. This reason calls for a new and hassle-free method to enter the pool and exit from it. 

There are several above ground pool ladders in the market. It is wise to take some time to think about what suits your needs in the swimming pool. When you analyze carefully, you will be able to make a brilliant decision. Also, your family and guests will be safe while entering and exiting the pool.

Many of the above ground swimming pools you see have in-built ladders. However, they are not the best as they can bend and break easily. You cannot depend on these built-in ladders for safety. It is best to find professionally made above-ground pool ladders that are advanced than the built-in ones. 

The best above ground pool ladders make everyone around feel safe, especially kids and the elderly. A high quality above ground pool ladder lowers the risks of slips and falls. This ladder will minimize accidents and injuries like twisted joints, bruises, broken bones, lacerations, etc. if you use a low-quality ladder or no ladder at all. The chance of these injuries mentioned above is higher. 

Top Picks For Best Above Ground Pool Ladders

Intex 28067E Steel Frame 52" Pool Ladder

Intex 28067E Steel Frame 52″ Pool Ladder 3.75 x 18.5 x 50 inches

  • Coated steel frame
  • Improved stability
  • Pool ladder for 52″ wall height
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lb (136 Kg)
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Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200

Confer Plastics A-Frame 720024 x 60 x 9 inches

  • Adjusts to fit 48 inch to 54 inch tall pools
  • Weight Capacity – 300 lb (136 Kg)
  • Item Dimensions – 24 x 60 x 9 inches
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YUEWO 36" 2-Step Steel Frame

YUEWO 36″ 2-Step Steel Frame34 x 3.7 x 16.6 inches

  • Its 2 Step Steel frame ladder
  • Perfect for any 36″ pool you own
  • It’s easy to Assemble
  • Weight capacity: 280kg
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Bestway Flowclear Metal Ladder

Bestway Flowclear Metal Ladder42.52 x 28.11 x 54.72 inches

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Very Compatible
  • Safer for Kids
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AMONIDA 3‑Step Steel Ladder

AMONIDA 3‑Step Steel Ladder16.9 x 63 inches

  • 3 steps steel escalator
  • It’s easy to install
  • Using high‑hardness 304 stainless steel
  • Suitable for private swimming pools and large swimming pools
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FibroPRO Stainless Steel Ladder

FibroPRO Stainless Steel Ladder35.59 x 28.5 x 4.49 inches

  • Stainless steel steps
  • Steps with non slip rubber pads
  • Polished 304 stainless steel
  • Easy to install
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CO-Z 3-Step Foldable Steel Pool Ladder

CO-Z 3-Step Foldable Steel Pool Ladder 13.35 x 10.04 x 6.89 inches

  • Made of premium 304 stainless steel
  • Weight Capacity – 330 lb (150 Kg)
  • Comes with Foldable Design
  • Easy to use
  • Safe & Secure footing & Grip
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Considerations while choosing the best above ground pool ladders 

Some of the things you need to consider while buying a pool ladder are the height of the swimming pool, pool surrounding (a deck or grass), any physical disabilities of anyone who will use the pool, etc. These aspects will help you decide on the above ground pool ladders you need for your swimming pool.

Sometimes you may need more than one above ground pool ladder if you have a big pool. This method will make entry and exit from the pool easy and safe for everyone who uses it. 

Let us look at some of the benefits of above ground pool ladders. 

When you have finally decided to buy the apt pool ladder, you will see many benefits. Three primary advantages are as below:


Swimming pools have always been considered unsafe places. Whether it is a public swimming pool or a private one at home, the chances of injuries are more. Anyone can slip and fall and get wounded. The pool ladder brings safety as it minimizes and prevents injuries. It is wise to spend in the best above ground pool ladder to have a peaceful mindset in the swimming pool.


Swimming can be a lot more fun when you feel safe, and there is no worry about getting injured while entering and exiting the pool. However, some swimmers are heavy, and it is a daunting task for them to enter and exit out of the pool. The above ground pool ladder is a blessing in such situations. They provide great convenience to the users. 

Legal issues 

Some locations have premises liability laws. You might end up in some personal injury incident if anyone gets an injury because of the property’s unsafe condition (swimming pool). Hence if a person gets injured in your swimming pool, whether you know them or do not know them, they can very well sue you. You may have to pay their medical bills or compensate for their loss of wages. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your pool and the ladder to ensure minimal accidents or injuries. To have a safe swimming pool is better for the family and to avoid legal liabilities. 

What should you look for in the best above ground pool ladder?

Durability – as we have already mentioned, above ground swimming pools usually have built-in ladders. Unfortunately, many a time, these ladders are of low quality that doesn’t last long. The best swimming pool ladder must be strong and durable. The ladder should also be slip-resistant and should not rust. In short, the best pool ladder should be able to last for many decades. 

Safety: The top priority when it comes to the swimming pool ladder is safety. The main feature of the ladder should be easy and safe to climb. In addition, it must have handrails to prevent accidents while getting in and out of the swimming pool while having a pool party. 

Quality– The materials used to make the best swimming pool ladder have to be high quality. Ensure to make a wise choice as there are numerous materials utilised to make ladders for the pool. 

Size– make sure that the swimming pool ladder fits right for your swimming pool. If the ladder is adjustable type, then there is no issue as it would fit right. However, if you are going for a fixed ladder, you need to have the swimming pool’s exact measurements before purchasing it. 

Cost: Budget is also an important aspect to keep in mind while buying above ground swimming pool ladder. The ladder should serve the purpose and be within your budget. Make sure not to compromise on safety. 

There are two types of entry systems to the swimming pool: the steps and the ladder. The pool entry system is sturdy and ensures the safety of the person entering the swimming pool. The steps are useful if you have kids and older adults using the pool. The steps can even hold more weight than ladders. However, the downside is that the steps are on the expensive side. They have an aluminium frame and plastic resin. 

The next type is A-Frame pool ladders. The ladders are the option that we are reviewing here. Firstly, they are affordable and provide enough safety while getting in and out of the swimming pool. However, the downside here is that it is not best suited for older adults and people with physical disabilities. The above ground swimming pool ladders are of three types. One is a stainless steel frame with plastic resin steps, the second type is all plastic resin, and the third type is an aluminium frame with plastic resin steps. 

Let us dive straight into the reviews of some of the best above ground pool ladders.

1. Intex 28067E Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool 52″ Pool Entry Step Ladder

Getting into and out of the swimming pool is easy for everyone with the fantastic Intex swimming pool ladder. This ladder has a 52-inch steel frame and can hold up to 300 pounds. The frame is corrosion-resistant, and the steps are slip-resistant. No one will slip and fall into the swimming pool.

This ladder is easy to set up in just a few minutes. This above ground pool ladder is an excellent choice as it is best suited for 52-inch swimming pool wall height. We are glad to recommend this Intex swimming pool ladder for your convenience and safety. 

Top Pick
Intex_28067E above ground pool ladder

4.4 out of 5

Intex 28067E Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

  • Great for the 52-inch pool wall 
  • Can hold 300 pounds 
  • Anti-slip steps ensure minimal or prevention of accidents 
  • Easy to fix in few minutes 


  • Easy to set up
  • Can withstand up to 300 pounds 
  • Corrosion-resistant and slip-resistant 
  • Can prevent accidents 


  • Height cannot be adjusted 
  • Rarely, the ladder wobbles 

2. Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Above Ground Adjustable Pool Roll-Guard Safety Ladder 

Confer plastics adjustable pool ladder is made to work well with above ground swimming pools; hence it is a fine choice. The best part of this swimming pool ladder is adjusted to fit 48 inches to 54 inches wall height of swimming pools. The carrying capacity of this ladder is 300 pounds. In addition, this ladder comes with a roll guard barrier that can be locked. 

Best Feature

Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Safety Ladder 


  • Can be adjusted to fit 48 inches to 54 inches pool height 
  • Weight capacity is 300 pounds
  • Extra-large platform 
  • Steps are wide (18-inch x 5 inches) for more safety


  • Extra-large platform
  • Roll guard barrier
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Wide steps


  • Not so easy to set up
  • Sometimes, it moves, making it wobble

3. YUEWO 36″ 3-Step Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

Make it easy for all to get into the swimming pool and also exit from it. This ladder is light in weight and strong compared to other ladders like this. The above ground pool ladder is made of durable quality. It is a hassle-free experience to set up this ladder which means it will be ready in few minutes. It can be used for pools with wall height up to 84cm. And it comes with Non-Slip Plastic Steps for Entry and Exit System Swim Pools.

Best Overall

YUEWO 36″ 3-Step Steel Frame Ladder


  • Made of steel, so it is sturdy
  • Easy to set up, which saves time
  • Can be used for pools of 36 inches and wall height 84 cm
  • Made of durable material for longevity
  • Load capacity 150kg


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has good grip on the steps


  • Can be used only in small pools
  • Not suitable for heavy swimmers

4. Bestway Flowclear, Metal Above Ground Pool Ladder

Bestway pool ladder is one of the best suitable ones for the above ground swimming pool. It is known for its safety and sturdiness. The ladder is made of a good quality metal frame and heavy-duty steps, which helps the durability.

The Bestway ladder is easy to assemble, and it can be set up right to prevent children from entering the pool themselves without adult supervision. 

Best featured

Bestway Flowclear, Metal Above Ground Pool


  • The ladder is durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant
  • Ladder is 42 inches in size
  • Can be used as a safe outer ladder
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for pools of 42 inches


  • Less time consuming to assemble
  • Heavy-duty steps give more safety
  • Helps to get in and out of the pool easily


  • Shakes sometimes due to less grip

5. AMONIDA Pool 3‑Step Above Ground pool Ladder

Amonida pool 3-step ladder has a beautiful appearance. It is flawless and has a perfect new curved design. The shape of the swimming pool ladder has a good grip for swimmers to hold on to and can prevent accidents due to slips. The ladder is made of high-quality material that can bear high capacity. The trouble-free, easy installation is a bonus. 

Best Choice
AMONIDA Pool 3‑Step Ladder

AMONIDA Pool 3‑Step Pool Ladder


  • The 3 step design and shape is new and beautiful
  • Convenient to hold hence safe to use
  • Highly durable due to the high-quality material used
  • Suitable for large and private swimming pools


  • Easy to install
  • Anti-slip feature
  • Apt for small and large swimming pools


  • Not suitable for heavy people

6. FibroPRO Stainless Steel In Ground Swimming Pool Ladder with Easy Mount Legs

The FibroPro stainless steel in-ground swimming pool ladder with easy mount legs (2 step) is one of the top on the list. The rubber pads on the stainless steel steps are slip-resistant. This set comes with all the hardware. The installation is easy and is completed in few minutes keeping your deck safe. 

Highly Recommended
FibroPRO above ground pool ladder

FibroPRO Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Ladder


  • Stainless steel steps
  • Rubber pads to prevent slipping
  • Weight of ladder 18.21 pounds


  • Easy and quick installation process 
  • Safe non-slip rubber pads 


  • Some complaint of rusting over some time
  • The rubber come off the steps after several uses

7. CO-Z 3-Step Foldable Pool Ladder

This foldable pool ladder is heavy-duty construction and can hold 330 pounds. It also has a corrosion-free feature for long time use. It is easy to fold and store this ladder, helping to save a lot of space and increasing the ladder’s life. The thick steps have anti-slip properties, so even if your feet are wet, you can be assured you will be safe from any fall. You can use it for swimming pools, boats, decks, etc. 

Top Best Ladder
CO-Z 3-Step Foldable Pool Ladder

CO-Z 3-Step Foldable Steel Pool Ladder


  • This ladder is made of excellent quality 304 stainless steel
  • The folding design makes it easy to store when not in use
  • The design is simple and easy to use, and suitable for almost all pools
  • Good customer service


  • Can hold up to 330 pounds
  • Easy to install, fold and store
  • Easy to use
  • Made with durable materials
  • Easy and quick installation process 


  • Not suitable for all body sizes

Final Verdict

It is an easy way to use a stepstool to enter and exit the swimming pool. But it is not a safe way, especially when you have kids and elderly people who use the swimming pool. The best way to get in and out of the pool is by using an above ground pool ladder. You can choose one from the list above. 

They are all tried and tested. We have listed the fantastic features of the ladder along with the pros and cons. When you choose an above ground pool ladder, ensure it suits your pool size and your lifestyle. So your friends and family will feel safe and convenient to get into and out of the pool. It is an investment but a perfect one as it makes your summer pool time a relaxing and safe one. It will make a huge difference. 

The swimming pool ladder may look excellent in appearance and safe too. But if it is not fixed correctly, then there is a hazard, and it will not be suitable for anyone. Hence it is critical to choose the ladder wisely. First, choose the right size as per your swimming pool measurement. Then consider the material used and the installation method. Finally, check out all the additional features to make the ladder reliable and secure. 

Not all expensive products are the best. We need to make sure about the warranty and compliance documents before purchasing the pool ladder. The ladder should be easily fastened securely. If it has special clamps, it is better, or it won’t serve the purpose. 

Different kinds of materials are used while making the above ground pool ladders, like metal. Plastic, polyester, wood, fiberglass, finished concrete, etc., each swimming pool has its requirement, so we need to study that and buy the ladder. Being appealing in looks is less important than the safety and durability of the swimming pool ladder. 

The hardware and attachments should not cause harm to the pool or the people using it. Ensure the correct type of gasket, bedding, and special rubber inserts, etc., is taken care of with the ladder’s purchase.

Before buying the best above ground pool ladder, one must consider the pool’s dimensions, the height of the pool, the entrance, and the rim’s width. Also, keep in mind who needs the stairs; kids need the ladder to have more steps with less gap. Adults would need fewer steps and wider ones. The height of the railing should be suitable for all age groups. 

It is not wise to pay a bomb for a swimming pool ladder that is not great quality and does not serve the purpose. Hence always do your homework to know the various features of the ladder and if the amount you are paying for it is worth it. Make sure the manufacturing is good, and the materials used are of the highest quality. Do not compromise on safety and quality just because you are getting a good price for the above ground pool ladder. 

A ladder in the swimming pool is for more than just the convenience of getting in and out of the pool. It is an essential requirement for security purposes. It is a precaution for kids and adults using the swimming pool. They can get into the pool slowly with ease and get out also safely and slowly. This will prevent accidents from falling. 

Choose the best above ground pool ladder and enjoy the time in your swimming pool.

We would like to reiterate the top three above pool ladders for your family’s safety during the summertime. The first recommendation is the Intex Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder For 52-Inch Wall Height Pools. This ladder can resist weight up to 300 pounds making it easy for anyone to climb in and out of the pool. The 52-inch steel frame ladder has slip-resistant steps preventing unwanted injuries and accidents. It is easy to install the ladder and sets well with a 52-inch pool height. The Intex pool ladder is a superb option for safety and convenience. 

The second recommendation is Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 Above Ground Adjustable Pool Roll-Guard Safety Ladder. This pool ladder is also a perfect choice as it can adjust from 48 inches to 54 inches. It can hold up to 300 pounds and has a lockable roll guard barrier. Another excellent feature of this ladder is the large steps 18-inch x 5 inches comfortable and safer. The platform is extra-large as well. It is suitable for heavy swimmers, kids, and elderly people.

The third recommendation for the above pool ladders is Bestway BW58330-21 Flowclear, a Metal above ground pool ladderIt is known for the strength and safety features. The ladder is durable as it is made of excellent quality material. The hassle-free setup process is a plus point for us.

We hope that the unbiased review of the top above ground pool ladders helps you decide the best pool ladder for your swimming pool. We have kept in mind the safety and durability among all other necessary features to ensure your swimming pool experience is enjoyable and accident-free. 


1. What is the weight limit on above ground pool ladders?

Each swimming pool ladder available in the market comes with a different weight capacity. When you buy an above ground pool ladder, make sure it can carry 400 pounds to be safer. 

2. How to stop above ground pool ladders from moving?

The ladder should rest on firm ground. It would be best if you did not place the ladder on a muddy, soft surface. By pulling the leg of the ladder wider, you can get more stability. 

3. How to choose above ground pool ladders?

You need to consider if you have a deck or not. This will affect your purchase of above ground pool ladder. This will help to determine the type of ladder you need. If you have a deck, then you need a ladder that only goes into the pool. But if you don’t have a deck, then you need an A-frame ladder.

4. Why should you purchase above ground pool ladders

It would be best to have a safe and easy way to get into the swimming pool and out of it. It is not safe to jump over the wall every time, and not everyone can do it. Older people and kids find it difficult to haul over the wall. Most importantly, it is not safe. An above ground pool ladder is a blessing for young families and older people. They have to be safe and feel comfortable using the pool. 

5. How do I keep my pool ladder from floating?

Many complain about ladders floating. The main reason is that they are lightweight. You can put water or sand in the ladder to make it heavy and stable. 

6. How do I choose the best above ground pool ladder?

You should know what type of pool ladder you are looking for. You should also measure the pros and cons of the ladder. Features you must look into are durability, cost, safety, convenience, etc. 

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